Candy Crush Saga Level 34 Cheats and Tricks

Want to know how to complete Candy Crush Saga Level 34? If yes then you have come at the right place. Here you will get appropriate guidance on how complete this step.

As we all know, Candy Crush Saga level 34 is very hard. Many gamer are unable to complete this level after playing 20 to 30 times and more.

But the truth is that you can easily complete Candy Crush Saga level 34. Here I am going to share cheats which will help you to complete this level.

Candy Crush Saga Level 34 Cheats and Tricks!

Best Games to Play on Smartphone Android, Windows, iOS

Smartphone users have crossed 1.75 Billion World Wide. So, important question to ask here is that what these all people do all the time with smartphone? Do they only use smartphone to talk to their friends and family? Simply No!

The answer is people do lots of work with smartphone such as they use it for chatting, office work, social network sites, entertainment, watching videos, Play games and to do several things.

Now come to the main point, here the main thing which I am going to discuss is best games to play on smartphone Android, Windows, iOS.

Jack Dorsey Biography – The Twitter Founder

Jack Dorsey BiographyJack Dorsey is one of the famous American business man. He is specially known as the co-founder of Twitter social networking website. Few people also call it micro-blogging website.

Jack Dorsey also founded another company named Square. Currently He is the CEO of Square Inc. and chairman of Twitter Inc.

As you know, Twitter was created by Jack Dorsey with Evan Williams, Noah Glass and Biz Stone.  But the main man behind Twitter social networking site is Jack Dorsey.

So, let’s have a look on Jack Dorsey Biography and Twitter Founder biography in detail.

About Jack Dorsey!

Video Sharing Sites List 2014 – Submit Videos for Free

If you want to share your video with world then you need to have information about most popular video sharing sites.

People share video for fun, information, advertisement, business etc. You can share any type of videos on below shared sites.

I hope you already know about one video site i.e. YouTube. It is absolutely true that YouTube is no 1 video sharing site. It is most visited video sites in the world. But do you know there are many other sites also available apart from YouTube which you don’t know.

Here we are going to share list of top and most popular video sharing sites list which you can use for video submission in 2014. Have a look on most popular video sites.

How to Enable Hibernate Option in Windows 8.1 – Solved

Hibernate Option Windows 8.1Windows 8.1 is the latest operating system released by Microsoft. Although this operating system is very similar to its previous version Windows 8 but many people encounter problem while using this operating system.

One of the common problem people often face while working on Windows 8.1 operating system is Hibernate option. User are unable to find out how to enable hibernate option in Windows 8.1 OS.

This blog is especially dedicated to those people who are facing this problem. So, let’s have a look on how to enable hibernate Windows 8.1. To use this feature you have to do some task which is written below.

Steps to Enable Hibernate Option in Windows 8.1

Funny Meme for Facebook Comments and Status

As you know picture speaks thousands words. This is the main reason memes are very popular on Facebook. You must be agreeing with me that now people prefer posting images and memes in the comment box.

Funny Meme is the new way of showing expression on Facebook. If you have not post meme in comment box yet then I suggest you to try it instead of writing comment.

If you are looking for funny meme for Facebook comments then you have come at the right place. Here we are going to share hilarious meme which you can post in the comment box according to the Facebook status.

Funny Memes!!

How to Use HootSuite Effectively and For Business?

How to use HootSuiteWhat is HootSuite?

HootSuite is social media management system introduced in 2008. It allows user to integrate several social network sites account in one HootSuite dashboard.

You can integrate following social network site account with HootSuite (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare, MySpace, WordPress, Instagram, Reddit, Tumblr, Mixi etc.)

It is founded by Ryan Holmes (CEO), Steve Johnson and Simon Stanlake. The main man behind this application is Ryan Holmes. It was his idea to create a platform where every social network site account can be managed properly.

Report released by company reveals that HootSuite is being used by over 7 million people at the end of August 2013. It has over 300 employees.

How to Use HootSuite Effectively and For Business?

How to Add Contacts to WhatsApp? – Explained

WhatsApp AquisitionMany smartphone users want to know how to add contacts to WhatsApp? If you are also unable to add contacts to WhatsApp application then let’s figure out how to do it?

Let’s start from the beginning. So, that you understand each and everything in proper way.

First of all install WhatsApp application in your smartphone. If you haven’t installed this app yet then Download WhatsApp from Here!!

Once this application is installed into your smartphone.  After that you have to Sign Up or Register to WhatsApp using your phone number.

Now you have to Allow WhatsApp to sync with your contacts to message people you know.

You can manually add contacts number in your mobile phones contact and save. Now just go to WhatsApp the contacts number will show up if he/she or your friends are using WhatsApp application.

Important Note: –

Once WhatsApp account is setup. It will automatically pull up contacts list from your smartphone.

People who have registered their number in WhatsApp and have installed this app in their mobile phone will appear in the contact list of WhatsApp. Now you are ready to chat with them. The process is very simple if you understand it.

In-case, if you have added new contact to your mobile phone then you just need to hit Menu >> Update contact list. So that the new number start showing in WhatsApp.

Lenovo G580 Drivers for Windows 8.1 64 Bit

Are you facing problem in your Lenovo G580 Laptop/Notebook after upgrading it to Windows 8.1? If yes then you are at the right place. Here you will get appropriate solution.

Many of Lenovo G580 laptop users are facing Brightness control problem. People are unable to control brightness and contrast using the function key.

Apart from this, some of the users facing problem with Modem, Wi-Fi , Bluetooth, video quality, camera etc. after switching to Windows 8.1 operating system.

Do you know? What is the main reason behind these all issues and problems? There is only reason to these all problems i.e. driver.

Best Action Games for PC List – Action Games to Play in 2014

Action Games to Play in 2014

Computer games are best source of entertainment. If you are gamer and love to play action games, then you must be interested to know about upcoming games of 2014.

I have collected list of recently released and upcoming action games which you must want to play in 2014. You can play these games online as well as offline in your computer or PC.

So, let’s have look on top and best action games for PC list created by me especially for action game lovers. I hope you will like it.

Top PC Actions Games of 2014 List!!